Well here it is, the end of snowmobiling in Michigan and summer is close by. Precision Motorsports and Marine has indoor storage, outdoor storage, and parts and service for your snowmobile or boat, located nearby Gaylord in Northern Michigan. Here are some quick tips and tricks for getting your snowmobile ready for storage so you can hit the ground running next year.

Fall 2019

Well summer is on it's way out and the time has come to think about putting your Jet Ski, Jet boat, Pontoon or Speed boat away for season. Proper winter storage is a must to protect your investment of fun. At Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord area, they take the time to prep it properly. Special attention to the fuel system helps make the fire up next year easier. Engines and drive systems need oil and filter service, grease and pivot lube protects moving parts from rusting. The battery needs attention as well, we you bring your watercraft to Precision Motorsports and Marine for storage, wintering we will take the battery out and service it for the winter. We have a battery room just for keeping our customers batteries fully charged and checked.


Snow season is ending in Northern Michigan and it is time to put Snowmobiles away. The snow this year was plentiful and the trail system was very good. Most snowmobiles and sled riders didn't get a beating, so it's time to put your snowmobile away properly. Precision Motor Sports Gaylord, Grayling, offers repairs and storage service along with indoor rack storage. S


Well here we go with a great start on winter in Northern Michigan. Snow has blanketed most of the snow belt area's. Snowmobile enthusiast's want to prepare for the up-coming riding season. Precision Motor Sports Gaylord can help. Weather you want the staff at Precision Motor Sports to service your snowmobile or inspect and maintenance it yourself, we can help.

Boat winterizing

Well the boating season is winding down. It is time to put the boat away. Boats are very expensive and need to have a proper winterize for protection against the cold freezing weather and corrosion. The engine is the heart of your boat so taking extra good steps to protect it is best. Oil in the engine gets contaminated with use and picks up moisture from the air. Change the engine oil before putting it to rest for the season. Change the oil filter at every oil change too assures good clean oil for your next year use. Precision Motor Sports and Marine in the Gaylord area can help.


Well here in Northern Michigan spring was supposed to show up but winter prevails again. Gaylord has been dumped on again with 15 plus inches of snow. It is April and time to think about putting the snowmobiles away and store them safely out of the way for your summer activities. Precision Motorsports Gaylord area can help.

Winter Snow 2017

Gaylord and Grayling have snow on the ground now and snowmobile time has arrived. Precision Motorsports Parts and Service can help you with what you need for your snowmobile. The service at Precision Motorsports and Marine is top notch. Having a machine shop in house makes fast turn arround time for your crankshaft rebuild or cylinder machining job. Gaylord Precision Motorsports has welding services too. When ordering and puchasing parts and accessories at Precision Motorsports Gaylord you will get the right part the first time. S

Fall 2017 Gaylord

Well here we go again. Labor Day is just around the corner and in the Gaylord area. Colder nights and Snowmobile season is coming fast. Boating is slowing for the swim and ski fun. Dirt bikes and ATV use will still be going strong. Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord is shifting gears for the up coming seasons. Hunters in the Gaylord area will be using there ATV's to search the woods for there prey. At Precision Motorsports and Marine they work hard to have parts and service availabile for the ATV and Dirt bikes . Service for the Gaylord area is important to Precision Motorsports and Marine. They will service Yamaha, Polaris, BRP inc., Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Arctic Cat and others makes and models for Parts and Accessories and Service.

Getting ready for warmer weather

Spring has finally spung around Gaylord Michigan. Now it is time to get the ATV, Dirt Bike and Power Boat out of storage. Lakes and trails around the Gaylord Michigan area are a blast. Getting your machine out and ready means a llitle preparation. Tune ups, oil changes, regular maintenance or what ever you need can be performed at Gaylord area Precision Motorsports and Marine, one of the best powersports stores in the area. They sell parts and accessories and have a very good service department. The staff at Precision Motorsportsand Marine can help with your question and concerns, give them a call.

Its getting chilly! Get your sled ready for the snow! Gaylord Snowmobile Repair

Winter is approaching and it is time to take the snowmobile out for a ride! Located in Gaylord, MI, Precision Motor Sports is your one-stop shop for everything power sports. With our knowledgeable staff and convenient location, we invite you to bring your snowmobile in for a checkup to ensure that it is ready to hit the snow! One of the first maintenance items you should check on is the engine oil. Regularly changing your engine oil is the best way to ensure that your snowmobile lives a long life! As with every oil change, make sure you replace the filter as well. Over time, the oil filter will lose its ability to remove contaminants from the oil. If you require an oil change, bring your snowmobile to Precision Motor Sports in Gaylord, Michigan!

Winterizing Your Boat - Gaylord Michigan

Winter is coming and this means modifying your regular boat maintenance routine. At Precision Motor Sports, we are here to help you with any service you may need. We are located in Gaylord, Michigan and have knowledgeable, qualified mechanics on hand to assist you.

Side By Side Season!

Summer is at its peak and there is no better time to take your side-by-side out than right now! As with any motor vehicle, there are maintenance items that must be tended to. Always refer to your owner’s manual to make sure that your vehicle receives that care that it deserves. Here at Precision Motor Sports, we have a few maintenance tips for you.

Summer is here! Properly Maintain Your Dirt Bike! Let Precision Motor Sports Help

The areas around Gaylord are excellent for taking your dirt bike out for a ride! As with other vehicles, its a good idea to regularly check certain items to make sure they aren’t in need of repair or servicing. We offer a variety of services for your dirt bike including

Gaylord Boat Season! A Boating Season Checklist

Its warming up in Gaylord and its time to hit the waters. Here at Precision, we specialize in boat repair and work on inboard/outboard motors as well as ATVs , Snowmobiles, and motorcycles. As well as offering our repair services, we also provide storage solutions for your boat, ATV, snowmobile, or motorcycle.

Take Care of Your ATV: Essential Maintenance and Repair

With warm weather around the corner, it’s time to take your ATV off-road and explore the areas around Gaylord. With every vehicle comes maintenance and ATVs are no exception. We offer full service on boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs as well. Below you will find some tips for properly maintaining your ATV. As always, remember to follow the owner’s manual recommendations for ATV maintenance and repair.

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