Well here we go with a great start on winter in Northern Michigan. Snow has blanketed most of the snow belt area's. Snowmobile enthusiast's want to prepare for the up-coming riding season. Precision Motor Sports Gaylord can help. Weather you want the staff at Precision Motor Sports to service your snowmobile or inspect and maintenance it yourself, we can help. Snowmobile drive clutches need plenty of service. We recommend removing the two clutches and disassemble them to check for rust on the sliding shafts also make sure to look at the bushings, sliders, rollers and springs. We recommend installing a clutch alignment tool to check for straight parallelism and offset. Your belt is the main drive to get you back from a long ride, most snowmobiles need a new belt to start the season, the belt you had on last year will be cracking between the webs and if it blows the force from the belt can untrue a crankshaft or go through the belt guard and damage more than the cost of a new OEM belt. Chain-case oil is a very important lube. Old oil can wear on chains and sprockets and cause a chain to break so we at Precision Motor Sports recommend pulling the chain case cover and cleaning out the old oil and inspecting the chain and gears. Don't overlook the chain tension roller and bolt. We recommend changing the oil at the end of the season so moisture won't sit in the case during storage. Rear suspension gets a beating so precision Motor Sports recommends to remove you rear skid and very carefully check the wheel rubbers and bearings. Hyfax or slides wear on the track clips and cause the track clip to become thin and eventually fall off. Track clips can be replaced but is a labor-some job and needs special track clip tools. Shocks on a lot of snowmobiles are of the rebuild-able type and can be disassembled for service, special tools and proper oil are needed. Precision Motor Sports has a good shock rebuild turn-around time. Ski carbides are necessary for turning on slippery roads and or ice so pay close attention to the ski runner to make sure you can turn when you need to. Electric start snow mobiles need good batteries for the cold weather cranking system. Batteries sitting all summer without a charger may need a good long charge or even need to be replaced for good cold weather cranking. Batter cable connections get corroded over time so don't forget to remove the terminal and sand it clean then lube and install tight. Fuel systems on snowmobiles have changed with the times. Fuel injection has helped with some of the fuel related problems. At Precision Motor Sports Gaylord we recommend draining the fuel out at the end of your riding season and starting with fresh not mixed from last year. Engines with carburetors really should have the carburetors removed and cleaned with new parts like needle and seat and bowl gaskets to make sure your carburetor won't leak causing a fire. Fuel line should be replaced if hard or discolored. Fuel pumps might need new internal diaphragms and check valves so take the pump apart and replace. Precision Motor Sports Gaylord area has all the parts and accessories for servicing your snowmobiles. The parts department can supply you with spark-plugs, oil, belts, wheels, shocks, shafts, skis, carbides, tracks and all of the Skidoo, Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic-Cat snowmobile parts you need. Precision Motor Sports has a machine shop with two Kwick-Way boring bars and can machine your cylinder to fit the oversized piston needed. Precision Motor Sports has welding and machining equipment for the special modified machine too. Find the work to much for your experience, let the Service Department at Precision Motor Sports take care of your equipment and you will be satisfied with the quick turn around of the service and or parts needed.

Precision Motor Sports Gaylord has storage for your snowmobile inside on racks with a cement floor. Storage outside has an 8 foot privacy fence surrounding the trailers within. Precision Motor Sports has a web site to follow. Phone 989-731-5050 Check them out and save. Happy riding and be safe, remember buy local.

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Call or e-mail for a complete list and prices Precision Motor Sports offers complete service/repairs and parts for most brands of: snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV, boat I/O and outboards, PWC.

Many other services offered but not limited to: Complete machine shop services, cylinder boring, engine rebuilding, shock rebuilding, welding (aluminum, gas) Insurance work, storage, and shrink wrapping.