Boat winterizing

Gaylord Precision Motor Sports and Marine 2018 summer winterize protection tips

Gaylord Precision Motor Sports and Marine 2018 summer winterizing tips.

Well the boating season is winding down. It is time to put the boat away. Boats are very expensive and need to have a proper winterize for protection against the cold freezing weather and corrosion. The engine is the heart of your boat so taking extra good steps to protect it is best. Oil in the engine gets contaminated with use and picks up moisture from the air. Change the engine oil before putting it to rest for the season. Change the oil filter at every oil change too assures good clean oil for your next year use. Precision Motor Sports and Marine in the Gaylord area can help. Spark plug, points and condenser, cap and rotor can be found at Precision Motor Sports and Marine also. Look at your belts on the front of the engine. Belts rotate water pumps, alternators, power steering pumps too so check the belt condition for cracks and wear. The gasoline today is a big problem, Precision Motor Sports and Marine suggests running the last time with stabilizer and then draining the fuel out of the gas tank after you finish winterizing. The lower unit is the gear housing the drives the propeller and pushes you boat. Heavy loads occur in the gears as the mesh and the gear oil needs to be replaced with fresh. Replacing the gear oil also prevents freezing of water that might have gotten in the oil during the lake use. Water in the gear case can freeze and crack the very expensive gear housing so change the gear case oil too. Most boats have numerous grease fittings to lubricate the moving trim and tilt and steering linkages, don't forget the grease. Water cools the engine most of the time from the lake. Water pump impeller pumps water into the engine cooling it and dumps it back into the lake. The engine always has water left in the cooling system water passages and will need to be drained out or heavily dilution with RV anti-freeze. Your block and manifolds will crack unless the is taken care of. Precision Motor Sports and Marine's staff have the tools and the expertise to properly take care of the for you. Battery maintenance needs to be looked ate too. We recommend using a battery tender to take good care of the voltage it is going to loose throughout the winter cold months. Precision Motor Sports and Marine Gaylord can take good care of your boat or jet ski toy with all the services you need. Storage and shrink rap is also a special service that Precision Motor Sports and Marine offers. Outdoor Boats the get winterized and shrink rapped get the battery removed and indoor tending so your battery get the best care it can get.


So you have an ATV, need parts and service for that toy also? Precision Motor Sports and Marine has a great parts and service for ATV users too. Belts, hoses, spark plugs, tires, batteries. ATV parts of all kinds. Service on ATV machines is critical too. Oil and filter, chains, cables and controls get used up pretty quickly. Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, Kawasaki or Can- Am, Precision Motor Sports and Marine can help for all your ATV needs.


Precision Motor Sports and Marine deals with most manufacturers of all kinds of parts, so give them a call for your needs.


Need storage for your toys Precision Motor Sports and Marine has a fenced in and secure storage to help, check them out.


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