Gaylord Boat Season! A Boating Season Checklist

Its warming up in Gaylord and its time to hit the waters. Here at Precision, we specialize in boat repair and work on inboard/outboard motors as well as ATVs , Snowmobiles, and motorcycles.

As well as offering our repair services, we also provide storage solutions for your boat, ATV, snowmobile, or motorcycle.

With owning a boat comes the responsibility of maintaining it so lets get right to it:

  • Always changed the oil at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Follow your manual regarding the maintenance schedule for your inboard/outboard motor or other engine. The procedure for this change is different for two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Don’t forget to regularly check the dipstick.If any leaks are found, we will gladly perform this repair.
  • Make sure to do a thorough check of the fuel system. This includes checking the fuel lines, any hoses, and a fuel filter if one is included. We will gladly perform this service if requested.
  • Make sure to do a proper inspection of the motor mount if using an outboard motor. Make sure the motor is securely attached to the transom.
  • Inspect the propeller and any related components to make sure they are in working order. If any large dents or scrapes are found, bring it to us for repair or replacement.
  • Make sure the battery is working as expected. Nothing is worse than being on the lake and finding that your boat’s inboard or outboard motor is unable to start.
  • Walk around the boat and inspect the hull to make sure it is in a safe condition.
  • Make sure that you always store life preservers on board. Make sure to have a working fire extinguisher in case of emergency. Boat safety is number one.
  • Before hitting the water, make sure all gauges on your boat’s instrument panel are working correctly. Receiving proper operating information is important.
  • Make sure to service your inboard/outboard motor’s coolant system as recommended by the owner’s manual. If this service is needed and you are in the Gaylord area, we will gladly perform it for yyou. Working pumps are necessary for outboard motors to ensure that the outside water is pumped in correctly. If you own an inboard motor, you may have a closed cooling system and we also work on such systems.
  • Make sure to regularly inspect the trailer that you will be towing your boat with. Check the tire pressure on all the tires and check the hitch.
  • Run a test on your boat’s kill switch to ensure that is properly shuts down the engine. Also ensure that the electrical system on your boat is in working order. Electrical system repair can be a daunting task but rest assured that we can handle it.
If you find anything in the above checklist to be in need of repair, we are located in Frederick, Michigan. We proudly serve the surrounding area including Gaylord and the upper lower peninsula. If you need a qualified and experienced boat mechanic you can contact us at (989) 731-5050 for all your inboard/outboard boat repair needs.

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