Winter Snow 2017

Gaylord and Grayling have snow on the ground now and snowmobile time has arrived. Precision Motorsports Parts and Service can help you with what you need for your snowmobile. The service at Precision Motorsports and Marine is top notch. Having a machine shop in house makes fast turn arround time for your crankshaft rebuild or cylinder machining job. Gaylord Precision Motorsports has welding services too. When ordering and puchasing parts and accessories at Precision Motorsports Gaylord you will get the right part the first time. Snowmobiles have improved drasticlly from the past models but they still need parts and repairs.  Maintenance  is still very critical for making sure your snowmobile fun is not interrupted on that perfect trip or trail venture around the woods. When service is needed Precision Motorsports Gaylord can help, just give them a call. If you are the type that want to do your own maintenance here are some tips for you. Most snowmobile engines are factory equiped with electric start so your battery is very important. You should take the battery terminals off and scrape them off till you see a bright brass color then reinstall the terminal and tighten with a socket, lubing the terminals with a lube is a good idea too. Check the acid level and refill with distilled water, not battery acid. Charge as needed to get a good voltage. Yuasa Batteries come standard in most applications and at Precision Motorsports Gaylord we stock the best Yuasa batteries for your machine. Drain last years gas out if you haven't done it from last years summarizing. Gas today won't last, no matter what you put in it, it is best to start with fresh. Chaincase oil should be changed and the chain adjusted. Gaylord Precision Motorsports has the right oil for your chain case. If your snowmobile has carbs we recommend removing the carbs and cleaning the inside jets. Take a look at the carb mount flanges for cracks, cracks cause air to enter and lean out the air fuel and could cause a piston burn down. Make sure you have sufficient oil in your oil tank or crankcase of the engine. Check engine coolant and level for proper engine life but don't forget to check the waterpump belt.  If your snomobile is a fan cooled model check the fan belt for cracks. Spark plugs should be replaced before you need to ride. Check the skis for cracks and holes through the bottom. Also check carbide runners to make sure you have good precise steering on the trail. Tie rod ends need to be lubed and inspected for slop, replace if loose. Track clips are the wear item that the hyfax rub on so both should be looked at. Grease all the grease fittings includiing the speedo bearing located by your left foot inside the engine compartment. The drive clutch is one of the most important components in getting power to the track so removing the drive cluch and disassembling and cleaning it is very important, don't forget to retorque the large bolt that holds it on. Check your belt for cracks too.  The inside cog webs are the most important to look at. Replace your snowmobile belt once per year for good measure. Drive line wheels may need new bearing too so don't forget to check for growling bearings. Track tension and track condition needs to be checked for cracks and fraying.  Also check the bogie wheel rubbers for cracks and missing rubber. Bakes are so important for your safety, brake fluid needs to be changed and flushed every few years or sooner so get the brake fluid changed and check the brake pads too. Want used parts for your snowmobile just give Precision Motorsports a call.  Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord has  the knowledge to help you with your parts and service snowmobile needs. When it comes time for storage Precision Motorsports and Marine can take your snowmobile and check it over, give you a call and fix what ever your toy needs. Precision Motorsport Gaylord has inside rack storage with battery maintenace services to keep your snowmobile in tip top shape. Trailer sevices and outside fenced in storage is also available.  At Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord area they can help you with your ATV parts and Service. They carry a good inventory of ATV Parts and Accessorries and if they don't have what you need they can get what you need fast and at a good price too. Call or come see the Professionals at Precision Motorsports and Marine.

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