Summer is here! Properly Maintain Your Dirt Bike! Let Precision Motor Sports Help

Gaylord Dirtbiking Season Has Arrived

The areas around Gaylord are excellent for taking your dirt bike out for a ride! As with other vehicles, its a good idea to regularly check certain items to make sure they aren’t in need of repair or servicing. We offer a variety of services for your dirt bike including

Here is a list of things to check as well as services we offer:

  • As a preventative measure, make sure to change oil after a few rides. Dirt bikes contain less oil than a car and are put through much more abuse. They also operate at higher temperatures. Don’t forget a new filter!

  • It’s a good idea to change the transmission oil along when doing the engine oil. Bring your dirt bike into our Gaylord shop and we can perform this service for you!

  • If your dirt bike is water cooled, make sure to change the coolant as recommended in the owner’s manual.

  • An often overlooked maintenance item is checking the valve clearance. We offer this service at our Gaylord location and would be happy to check and adjust the valves on your dirt bike!

  • Your wheel bearings take a lot of abuse on those Gaylord trails! Make sure to check these every so often, especially if your riding is particularly rough. These bearings can be hard to remove so let our mechanics do the hard work for you!

  • If your engine is running rough or your bike has some serious miles on it, our mechanics at the Gaylord location offer full engine rebuild service. We can even do cylinder boring.

  • Is your dirt bike suspension running rougher than normal? We offer full suspension rebuilding.

  • If you ride rough or give your clutch a workout, we can swap your dirt bike’s old clutch out in no time.

  • Make sure your brake fluid is filled to the max level and your brake lever cable is properly adjusted.

  • When working around the tires, its a good idea to give the brake pads a visual inspection.

  • The tires on your dirt bike wear just like any other and its important to know when to change them. Diagnosing knobby tires isn’t as straightforward but at Precision, our mechanics have a trained eye for this. It’s a good idea to swap both tires at the same time.

  • Your dirt bike is driven by a chain and without it, you won’t get very far. It’s important that your chain is properly tensioned and your sprockets are not missing any teeth.

  • Is there any play in your throttle or clutch/brake levers? Bring your dirt bike in to have us take a look. You want these systems in working order before you hit the trails.


For the services listed or any other work your dirt bike may need, Precision MotorSports is a shop you can trust. Call us at (989) 731-5050 to speak with us or schedule an appointment.

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