Snow season is ending in Northern Michigan and it is time to put Snowmobiles away.

The snow this year was plentiful and the trail system was very good. Most snowmobiles and sled

riders didn't get a beating, so it's time to put your snowmobile away properly. Precision Motor Sports

Gaylord, Grayling, offers repairs and storage service along with indoor rack storage. Storing your

snowmobile inside a cool dry area will help keep the sled from deteriorating. Precision Motor Sports

can change the gear case oil and inspect the chain and gears for wear, refill with fresh oil and adjust

the chain. Most snowmobiles have grease-able pivots with a zerks and should be filled with grease

to push out water and protect the bushing from wear and corrosion. Four stroke engines need

attention too. Engine oil and filter needs to be changed before storing the snowmobile. Condensation

and combustion contaminates are present in the oil and can damage metal internal crankshaft, pistons

valves and other expensive components. Two stroke engines need a special fogger oil sprayed in the

air intake with the engine running to neutralize the combustion acid that will damage the metal

expensive internal engine parts. Just spraying oil in the spark-plug hole is better than not doing

but the anti-acid neutralizer fogger won't get to the critical crankshaft bearing and could cause rust

and premature crank failure. Fuel today is very short lived and attracts moisture from the gas tank

vent system. Precision Motor Sports Gaylord area will protect your fuel system properly so you

can get the best life from your fuel lines,fuel pump,carburetors and fuel injectors. Clutches play

a huge part of the drive system and should be inspected for cracks, wear of the rollers and spring.

Drive clutch belts crack between the cog webs and should be replaced with new belts before ridding

the next year, this is very important because when a drive belt blows it almost always shreds fibers

through-out the snowmobile which can get into and on places that over time will cost you money.

So replace that belt every year. Skis and carbides really take a toll on today’s modern snowmobiles.

Sleds are bigger than ever and have a lot of wight on the skis. Plastic skis glide through the wet

snow better and allow the front suspension to float up and down easier with less resistance.

Carbides get worn with the crossing of roads and ridding the shoulder of the roads too. Check the

carbides and replace before the ski gets worn to the point were you can't install new runners.

Precision Motor Sports, Gaylord has a good selection of carbides for sale. Front and rear suspension

have shock-absorbers to take spring oscillations and give the rider a smoother and more comfortable

ride. Precision Motor Sports has been rebuilding and replacing shocks for a long time. Removing

the rear suspension from your snowmobile is not a easy job without special tools and know how.

Precision Motor Sports Gaylod has the special tools and expertise to handle that job too. Wheel

bearing and boogie wheels need to be looked at for ruff bearings and wheel rubber condition.

Hyfax and sometimes called slides should be checked for depth to make sure you don't run to thin

and damage the expensive slide rails. Batteries for you snowmobiles electric starter need to be

maintained for the storage period. We recommend installing a battery tender so you don't have to

worry about the charge rate. At Precision Motor Sports when they store your snowmobile the battery

is removed and set in an indoor battery room and maintained during the storage period. Brakes on

your snowmobile need attention too. Brake fluid is on of the most forgotten about services anymore.

The brake fluid needs to be replaced every 3-5 years. Brake fluid gets old and causes corrosion and

damages the interior parts causing the brakes to hang up and get hot. We have seen brakes so hot

that the snowmobile caught on fire. Best not to have that. Bottom line sleds need maintenance.

Call Precision Motor Sports and schedule your snowmobile to get the best care. You can also see


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