Its getting chilly! Get your sled ready for the snow! Gaylord Snowmobile Repair

Winter is approaching and it is time to take the snowmobile out for a ride! Located in Gaylord, MI, Precision Motor Sports is your one-stop shop for everything power sports. With our knowledgeable staff and convenient location, we invite you to bring your snowmobile in for a checkup to ensure that it is ready to hit the snow!

One of the first maintenance items you should check on is the engine oil. Regularly changing your engine oil is the best way to ensure that your snowmobile lives a long life! As with every oil change, make sure you replace the filter as well. Over time, the oil filter will lose its ability to remove contaminants from the oil. If you require an oil change, bring your snowmobile to Precision Motor Sports in Gaylord, Michigan!

Although oiling up your engine is important, you shouldn’t forget to lube the chain-case as well! The chain-case is an integral part of how your engine’s power is transmitted to the ground. We recommend using the chain-case oil that is showcased in your owner’s manual. We also recommend that you keep an eye on any leaks that may be occurring around the seals. If you any service on the chain-case, come visit us at our location in Gaylord, MI and we can replace the lubricant in your snowmobile’s chain-case.

If your snowmobile doesn’t have a chain drive, you need to inspect your drive belt. We recommend you replace the belt if there are any signs of damage such as cracking of fraying. If you do not see signs of damage but it is at the appropriate mileage for replacement, we recommend you replace the belt. Always refer to your owner’s manual for replacement intervals. We would be happy to perform this service for you at Precision Motor Sports in Gaylord Michigan.

Riding off road can be rough. This is why it is important to routinely inspect the exhaust springs and mounts. These two items are what hold your exhaust pipe in place! If your snowmobile requires any exhaust system service, Precision Motor Sports is here to help!

Just like you should properly maintain the tires on your automobile, checking the tracks on your snowmobile is just as important! If you see any cracks in the track’s rubber, it won’t be long before the it is in need of replacement. Make sure there are no clips or lugs missing from your tracks either. If you don’t feel comfortable performing this inspection, bring your snowmobile to Precision Motor Sport in Gaylord Michigan and we will take a look at it!

In addition to the services mentioned, we perform many other repairs on snowmobiles including engine rebuilds, suspension work, and machine shop services. We also provide storage space for your snowmobile should you require it. For all your power sports needs, visit Precision Motor Sports in Gaylord, Michigan!

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