Fall 2019

 Well summer is on it's way out and the time has come to think about putting your Jet Ski, Jet boat, Pontoon or Speed boat away for season. Proper winter storage is a must to protect your investment of fun. At Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord area, they take the time to prep it properly. Special attention to the fuel system helps make the fire up next year easier. Engines and drive systems need oil and filter service, grease and pivot lube protects moving parts from rusting. The battery needs attention as well, we you bring your watercraft to Precision Motorsports and Marine for storage, wintering we will take the battery out and service it for the winter. We have a battery room just for keeping our customers batteries fully charged and checked.

The cooling system on most watercraft and boats uses lake water for cooling the engine. Water will freeze and crack your engine if not protected properly or drained. Precision Motorsports and Marine will do that properly. The propeller should be removed and the splines should be checked for fishing line rapped around the shaft and gear oil seal. Lights, bulbs and other electrical systems can be repaired and or replaced, at Precision Motorsports and Marine they are electrical specialist too. No place to put your toy? Precision Motorsports and Marine can shrink rap boats, jet ski's, jet boats, pontoon boats and place it out side in there fenced in storage lot for safe keeping. Great rates too.

So the season is moving on to Hunters and gatherers. ATV users may need to have some service for there work toy. At Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord area they will look over your ATV and give it the best service for your needs. Tires and wheels need to be inspected along with oil and filter changes. Air filters and fuel system should be serviced to keep your ATV starting and running well. Batteries, lights and other electrical switches need to be checked over to ensure a safe and fun experience.

At Precision Motorsports and Marine they have tires, tubes, valve stems, and other suspension parts too. Snow season is coming. Snowmobiles will soon be hitting the cold air and white powder on the ground. At Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord they have indoor rack storage for your sled. Snow machines need lots of service too. With the snow mobile tracks hitting the ground sometimes on dirt and pavement they tend to wear out. Wheels and bearing take the toll too. Suspension shocks, and pivots get worn and with today's newer snowmobiles most don't have any or very few grease fittings for lubing. Shocks take a beating with the new hi travel suspensions. Precision Motorsports and Marine can rebuild and re-valve most of your shock needs. Engines today make lots of horse power. Pistons and crankshafts sometimes give up and at Precision Motorsports and Marine they have an in house machine shop for crankshaft rebuilding along with two boring machines for resizing your cylinder. You have a bit older sled that needs parts, Precision Motorsports and Marine has lots of older engine parts, clutch parts, suspension parts, carbs, ignitions, coils and more.

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Call or e-mail for a complete list and prices Precision Motor Sports offers complete service/repairs and parts for most brands of: snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV, boat I/O and outboards, PWC.

Many other services offered but not limited to: Complete machine shop services, cylinder boring, engine rebuilding, shock rebuilding, welding (aluminum, gas) Insurance work, storage, and shrink wrapping.