Getting ready for warmer weather

Spring has finally spung around Gaylord Michigan. Now it is time to get the ATV, Dirt Bike and Power Boat out of storage. Lakes and trails around the Gaylord Michigan area are a blast. Getting your machine  out and ready means a llitle preparation. Tune ups, oil changes, regular maintenance or what ever you need can be performed at Gaylord area Precision Motorsports and Marine, one of the best powersports stores in the area. They sell parts and accessories and have a very good service department. The staff at Precision Motorsportsand Marine can help with your question and concerns, give them a call.

When servicing your Dirt Bike, Atv, or Side by Side make sure to change your oil and filter. Clean oil will help prevent internal engine damage.  Heat and long hrs between oil changes can cause premature engine damage wearing out vital piston and rings and crankshaft parts. Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord Michigan can help with parts, machining and service. At Precision Motorsports and Marine they can take care of all your rebuilding needs. Servicing your Dirt Bike, Atv and Side by Side is a snap for the extremely knowledgeable staff at Precision.

When servicing your Atv, Dirt Bike or Side by Side look at tires carefully for cracks and worn out tread. Look at your chain and sprockets for frozen links and sharp teeth. Some of the Atv and Side by Sides have drive system that uses a belt drive, the belt will crack between the cogg webs and could break at that crack so the belt should be inspected and repaced if bad.  Tires should be looked at for cracks and tread depth along with tire pressure to verify your Atv or Side by Side rides safely down your favorite trail or road.

 Boats, If you had your boat winterized at Precision Motorsports and Marine your boat will be ready to fuel up and turn the key for fire up, just make sure to use water at all times. Never crank or start a marine engine with out water even for a few seconds. Damage to the waterpump will accur with a dry waterpump impeller. Items to look at before floating you boat, make sure your boat drain blug in the back is in. Have a fully charged battery for quik starting your engine. Low or weak battery voltage can cause starter damage and costly repairs. Here at Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord Michigan, our sevice department can help with any starter,battery and cable prblems that you may need. Lights on your boat should be checked to make sure they all work for your families safety on the water. Have a horn of some sort is law so make sure your electric or air blast horn works well. Life jackets and or seat custions are also required by law, so don't forget to have one per person on board.

Trailer maintenance is so important too. Check the tires for proper inflation and look for dry rot in the ruber treads and side walls. Wheel bearings need to be greased and checked for a growling sound. Lights tend to be not working because of being under water when laoding or unloading the boat so check all the lights carefully. Boat winch strap should be checked as well. Nothing worse than the strap breaking trying to load your boat.

One more thing to mention about Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord Michigan is that we offer outdoor boat shrink rapping and fenced in storage for your boat. We also have snowmobile summer inside rack storage so you don't have your toys bumping into each other in your garage.

For all your Power Sports needs including Storage for your toys, visit Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord Michigan.

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Precision Motor Sports and Marine
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Telephone: (989) 731-5050
Parts and accessories in stock or by special order available. Don't see what you are needing... contact us! We may be able to help!

Call or e-mail for a complete list and prices Precision Motor Sports offers complete service/repairs and parts for most brands of: snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV, boat I/O and outboards, PWC.

Many other services offered but not limited to: Complete machine shop services, cylinder boring, engine rebuilding, shock rebuilding, welding (aluminum, gas) Insurance work, storage, and shrink wrapping.