Take Care of Your ATV: Essential Maintenance and Repair

With warm weather around the corner, it’s time to take your ATV off-road and explore the areas around Gaylord. With every vehicle comes maintenance and ATVs are no exception. We offer full service on boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs as well. Below you will find some tips for properly maintaining your ATV. As always, remember to follow the owner’s manual recommendations for ATV maintenance and repair.


Maintenance Items:


1) Make sure to regularly change your air filter. It should be easy to access and is usually secured in the housing by clamps. We may carry this ATV part for you and would be glad to install it.


2) Regularly inspect your ATVs tie rod ends to make sure the boot is intact and grease is not leaking out. This could cause the ball joint to seize up and cause steering issues. This is an easy repair and we can order your ATV parts and have it repaired in no time.


3) Although not a frequent wear item, make sure to check your ATVs shocks and struts. If your ATV is excessively bouncing or bottoming out on harsh bumps, this is a sign your shocks or struts may need servicing. This is repair best left to the professional. If you require this service we will order the ATV parts you need and perform the service for you.


4) Perhaps the most critical system on board your ATV is the cooling system. If your engine overheats, metal may warp and engine damage may occur. Check your cooling system to make sure there is no coolant leaking and if so, top it off. We sell coolant as well as other ATV parts. If find a leak and are in the Gaylord area, bring your ATV in for prompt repair.


5) Make sure to regularly maintain the tire pressure in your ATV to ensure proper handing and traction. If a tire is compromised and cannot be repaired, we will find a replacement part and install if for you.


6) Although a less frequent maintenance item, worn spark plugs are a critical part and you risk misfire and not getting very far. If you need replacement spark plugs, we can get our hands on the part and offer the repair for you.


7) Just like any other engine, oil is the lifeblood of the internals. Make sure to change your oil every 3000 to 5000 miles and use the appropriate weight and viscosity. With every oil change you must also install a new filter. This is an easy, quick repair and essential part of ATV maintenance and repair


8) Just like the engine, the transmission requires a lubricant. Regularly check the transmission fluid(if a dipstick is provided) and change it if necessary. We recommend you bring the ATV into our repair center as this transmission must be filled to the proper level and may not have a drain plug for easy access.


If you live in the Gaylord area or the upper-lower Michigan peninsula, we are experienced mechanics who specialize in recreational vehicle repair. For all your ATV, boat, motorcycle, or snowmobile repair needs Precision Motor Sports is here to help!


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