Well here it is, the end of snowmobiling in Michigan and summer is close by. 

Snow was good this year, but not great in Northern Michigan. Riding your sled takes a toll on the moving parts. Inspection of the vital mechanics is necessary for safe riding and the longevity of your snowmobile. Track rubber, track clips, and suspension slides, all need to be verified for good working conditions. Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord can help you with the necessary parts and labor. 

The drive clutch should be removed from the crankshaft and disassembled, cleaned of any dust that can damage the roller
and bushings. The driven clutch should be removed for the inspection of the ramp shoes and/or the rollers

The belt needs to be replaced every year on bigger HP models. You can check by looking between the ribs on your belt, and see any cracking going on.

Use a small amount of oil to lubricate your gears and chains, check your grease and lube the tie rod end. Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord can service your snowmobile with precision care. 

Most fuel systems today are fuel injected and don’t really need too much protection, however, draining down the tank and adding some fuel protection will help. 

Carburetor units need a little extra care to make sure the fuel systems performs next season. At Precision Motorsports and Marine, we will drain the gas out of the gas tank and fuel lines then pull the bowl nuts and/or the drain screws and blow out the fuel from the gas tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, and carburetor bowls so that no corrosion can settle in. Inspection of the skis, ski lines, and carbides is good to check before storage.

Tie rod ends should be lubed. We use motorcycle chain lube. This chain lube penetrates wet and tacks up to prevent rusting and corrosion. If this is all too much, Precision Motorsports and Marine Gaylord can do this for you.

Need engine repair or parts? Precision Motor Sports and Marine has pistons, rings, crankshafts, bearings, seals, gears, chains, valves, springs, and gaskets, or any other parts you need to correctly repair or fine-tune your engine for next season.

Precision Motorsports and Marine also has a machine shop to service all of your manufacturing and machining needs. Need a cylinder bored, or a crankshaft rebuilt? No problem. Need to repair a breakage or high-quality welds? We have got you covered.

Precision Motorsports and Marine has indoor storage. Looking to snow your boat or snowmobile in the Gaylord area, ready to pickup and ride? We can help you out, service your snowmobile, and rack your sled in our indoor storage. If you’re looking for indoor snowmobile storage in Gaylord or the Northern Michigan area, be sure to give us a call.

We also can store your trailer or boat in our outdoor storage area. Do you have an oversized item that you want to park somewhere and be sure its kept safe through the summer? Why haul your boat up and down state? Come park it at Precision Motorsports, just outside of Gaylord, and rest assured it will be kept safe and ready to pick up when you’re ready to ride.

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