Winterizing Your Boat - Gaylord Michigan

Winter is coming and this means modifying your regular boat maintenance routine. At Precision Motor Sports, we are here to help you with any service you may need. We are located in Gaylord, Michigan and have knowledgeable, qualified mechanics on hand to assist you.

One of the most important things to check is your cooling system. If you had previously been using water as a coolant, it’s time to replace the water with antifreeze. You wouldn’t want that water expanding inside the engine! Here at Gaylord, we recommend performing a cooling system flush and then replacing the system with antifreeze. In addition to the cooling system, make sure any other water sources on board are drained before the winter weather arrives! If you are uncomfortable performing the service, we are here to help! You can find us in Gaylord Michigan.

If you plan on storing the boat during the winter, we also recommend changing the oil and filter. It is wise to not leave old, contaminated oil sitting in your engine all winter. We also recommend fogging the cylinders inside your engine. This process involves applying a light coat of fogging oil to the inside of the cylinder to prevent corrosion while the boat is not in use for an extended period of time. If this service is not performed on an outboard motor, the drive gears can rust due to the water buildup. Visit us at Precision Motor Sports if you would like to have this service performed!

Another service that should be performed every winter is removal of the battery. The battery should also be stored at a full charge for the duration of its removal from the boat. This will prevent the battery from losing its charge over time. For any help with battery removal or storage tips, we are here to help. We also sell battery chargers at our Gaylord, Michigan location!

To prevent condensation from forming in your fuel tank, we also recommend leaving tank full and adding a fuel stabilizer. If condensation is allowed to build up to a high level, this can introduce water into your engine upon startup.

A routine inspection of the propeller and hub is also a good idea. If you are unsure of what to look for when inspecting this portion of the motor, bring your boat into Precision Motor Sports in Gaylord Michigan and we would be happy to perform an inspection of your boat before you put it away for the winter!

If your boat is not being stored in a covered area, we highly recommend you cover the boat with a canvas or tarp. This will prevent the elements from coating your boat with undesirable material. You wouldn’t leave your car doors open for months and you shouldn’t leave your boat uncovered either!

Following all of the steps in this article will ensure that your vessel is ready to perform in time for the warm weather! If you have any other concerns about winterizing your boat, we encourage you to pay us a visit at Precision Motor Sports located in Gaylord, Michigan! For any questions, contact us at


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