ATV & Boat Season has arrived! Precision has you covered with ATV Parts & Service!

Precision Motorsports and Marine is based out of Fredrick Michigan, but services the surrounding area, including Gaylord, Waters, and the upper lower peninsula of Michigan.

We have a wide variety of ATV parts. If you're looking to get your ride ready for the season or you're looking to upgrade your ride, we have parts in stock and ready for your machine.

If you're pulling your ATV out of storage, here are a few quick tips to make sure it is ready for the trails.


Quick ATV Tips for the Beginning of the Season

1. If your ATV is running rough, make sure to check that last years gas was not left in the tank. A common mistake is leave gas in the tank and not stable it. This has the potential to cause your engine to run rough, and gunk up your carburetors.

2. Be sure to check or change your oil. If you have a leak, storage can cause your oil to be low. No one likes firing up the machine for the first time in the season, only to find that the oil was low, which can be a costly mistake, but is luckily easily avoidable.

3. Check your air filter. Engines need three things to run properly. Gas, spark, and air. Leaving your ATV in storage gives dust and other particulates an opportunity to settle in your air filter. Double check that everything is clean and that air can pass easily through the filter.

4. Check your belts. Most machines run on a CV belt transmission, which is similar to how a snowmobile operates. The downside is that a belt in a belt driven system can wear down and degrade over time. Be sure to check the belt for cracks or stretching.

5. Check nuts and bolts. Double check that everything is right and tight on your axle carrier bolts, air intake, or other important bolts on your machine. Having a loose bolt can cause premature and excessive wear on your machine, and could lead to a part failure.

6. Check the air in your tires. If you're running a bit low, be sure to give it a little air. If you're running really low, you might want to consider taking your tire in for testing or patching.

7. Check coolant levels. Many ATVs have a radiator. The last thing you'll want is to overheat your engine which is a good way to end up with a broken machine.

8. Be safe and mindful of anything else that may be important to check. Riding ATVs is fun, but could be dangerous if you're forgetting something. Have fun, but most importantly, be safe.


If you need ATV parts or an ATV mechanic in the Gaylord area, please give Precision a call. We can answer any questions you may have, get you back riding in style, or get you an affordable price on that sweet new lift kit you've always wanted.

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